#BePuppywise and protect your puppy

Congratulations on your new family member! How wonderful that your new puppy is settling into, and becoming one of, the family.

While you get to know each other, make sure you remember that although your puppy is only young, this is the very best time to protect them - because:

-         1 in 3 of our claims is for a pet aged under two

-         Over 25% of puppy claims are for accidents or eating something bad – mostly socks and stones!


 -         If you insure them now while they are young and healthy, should your puppy have an accident, mishap or develop a condition, this will be covered for that issue the rest of their life*.

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These puppy owners were very glad they insured with the UK’s no. 1 pet insurer!


Age: under 6 months

Our puppy was attacked by another dog while out on a family walk. She needed stitches, antibiotics and pain relief. Although she is still unsure of bigger dogs, she’s physically recovered. The claims process was stress-free and handled directly through our vet.


Age: 6 months – 1 year

George ate my oven glove! This resulted in a 9pm trip to the emergency vets, where they had to induce George to vomit. He’s completely better now. I’m really pleased with his Kennel Club Pet Insurance policy – while there are cheaper insurance policies on the market, you definitely get what you pay for.


Age: under 6 months

Early one morning, Zoey jumped off the sofa and landed badly. She immediately started crying and holding her front paw out, which turned out to be a break of her elbow. Zoey had an operation the following day. We are so pleased we took out Kennel Club Pet Insurance and will always do this in the future.


Age: 6 months - 1 year

Dash was vomiting bile and then refused to eat – which was very unlike him! After 24 hours he was still not eating and becoming listless. Luckily, my neighbour is a vet and examined him; it was discovered that he had eaten a large stone and needed surgery to remove it.


Age: under 6 months

Bez ate part of his toy and was violently sick, floppy and deteriorated very quickly. He had to have an emergency operation. Both our vets and Kennel Club Pet Insurance were amazing. My other dog, Sausage, also has had to have treatment and Kennel Club Pet Insurance have always been quick and easy to claim. Just want to say thank you. It’s always heartbreaking when your fur baby is poorly and you don’t need the worry of vet bills. It was handled very quickly and easily! We have two dachshunds that are insured with Kennel Club Pet Insurance and both claims have been successful.


Why insure with Kennel Club Pet Insurance?

-         Up to £15,000 vet’s fees cover#, every year – the highest in the UK

-         Rated the UK’s No.1 pet insurer, based on real and independent pet owner reviews**

-         Over 93% of our policyholders rated us as very good or excellent~

-         97% of claims paid^, direct to your vet if you prefer

-         £50 free to spend on your dog’s health, simply use promo code KHS19

-         £25 to spend with your vet on anything that supports your dog’s health, every year when you renew with our Lifetime Plus policy


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Zoey after her accident


*Providing the condition was not pre-existing and there is no break in cover with Kennel Club Pet Insurance. **Rated number one based on real and independent pet owner reviews on petinsurancereview.co.uk. ^Based on 2019 claims. +Vet fees reinstated each year, provided you renew your policy each year without a break in cover. #Up to £15,000 with our Lifetime Plus policy.

~In a survey of 410 policyholders, Summer 2020.