Fit, healthy, and then he ate a stone...!

Sometimes our dogs do the most unexpected things... and turn a normal day into a veterinary emergency.

Even the fittest dogs can surprise us and suddenly need the vet – and fast. One of our recent claims shows that you never know what’s coming…

Two-year old Fudge is usually an active dog. But when he became lethargic, sleepy, started vomiting and struggling to use his back legs, his owner, Claire, took him for an emergency vet appointment. After blood tests and a scan, it was clear; Fudge had eaten a stone! Unfortunately, due to the shape of the stone, it had lodged in his intestine.

He needed emergency surgery and an overnight stay at the vets, followed by two weeks of rest and a special diet. We’re delighted that Fudge is now back to his normal self after his treatment, which cost over £2,700.

Claire commented, "The fact that Fudge was so well cared for helped to reduce my anxiety. Also, the advisor I spoke to over the phone was very knowledgeable and professional, and she showed empathy and understanding about how I was feeling. To receive my payment so promptly was fantastic and the finishing touch of a letter asking after Fudge made me realise I had chosen the right pet insurer."

We're so happy to have helped Claire and Fudge - and just hope that Fudge's snack choices are a little healthier from now on!