Protection for life, no matter how old they are

This autumn, no matter how old your dog is, protect them for life

“I’m more concerned with making sure, that as her ageing starts to impact on her, that I do everything I can to help ease it for her and to keep her happy.”


“I’m here to protect her and keep her comfortable as she ages.”


“I feel extremely grateful to have had the years together that we have so far, and blessed that she is still such a healthy and loving member of our family.”


“We couldn’t love her more! She has arthritis and we take her to hydrotherapy which she loves. We wrap her in blankets when it’s cold to keep her joints warm. She is everything to us.”


We really love our older dogs.

But if your best friend doesn’t have an existing insurance policy, it can be hard to find cover to protect them. Upper age limits often apply which can make it really difficult to insure older pets – leaving them vulnerable at a time in their lives when they may need treatment the most.

This autumn, things are different with Kennel Club Pet Insurance.

New lifetime policies from Kennel Club Pet Insurance taken out between 1 October and 30 November 2020 have no upper age limit.

So, no matter how much grey fur your best friend has – you can be reassured with cover from the UK’s No. 1. Pet Insurer for the rest of their life.

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