Top 6 puppy toys

Buying the right toys gives your puppy an opportunity to have loads of fun, develop their skills and by playing with you, helps your bond to grow!

Consider purchasing a range of toys until you know what your puppy enjoys the most. Buy a toy to chew on, a toy to keep them busy, a toy for comfort, and a toy for pulling and chasing.

Choose the best quality toys that will last. Cheaper versions can end up in little pieces, and they will be a choking hazard. Toy bits that end up being swallowed can get stuck in your puppy’s digestive system, which is a serious problem requiring veterinary attention.

What are the best puppy toys? 

Comfort Toys

When your puppy first leaves their littermates, a fluffy, cuddly toy is essential. Place a soft toy in your puppy’s bed for them to snuggle into. It will be a great comfort for them. Some soft toys come with a battery-operated heartbeat. The gentle sound helps them to settle as they adjust to their new life away with you. 

Rag Toys

Some puppies are not at all gentle with their toys! If you have a playful pup, a rag rope will allow you to have a fun game of ‘pull.’ There are many different types on the market but choose the best quality versions. They will last longer and will be safer.

Rubber Treat Toys 

Hard rubber treat toys, such as the KONG Classic, are a safe choice of toy for your puppy to chase around. To help alleviate boredom and provide mental stimulation, you can fill the KONG with tasty treats. Suitable for all dogs, from Rottweiler to Pomeranian, it’s a great training toy for teething puppies.

Tough Toys

For some types of dog, such as bull breeds, you will need an extra tough and durable toy for boisterous playtimes. There are plenty of specifically designed toys for dogs with strong jaws - look for toys described as ‘indestructible'.


It’s hard to choose a good dog ball as there are so many on the market. While some dogs are thrilled with an old tennis ball, it won’t last long for others, and they aren’t suitable for puppies. Buy a ball designed specifically for dogs. The Chuckit! is a great example. It’s durable, ultra-bouncy, and it floats!

Feeding/ 'Licki' Mats

Whether you need to encourage your puppy to eat more or slow down their feed time, dog feeding mats do both. By purchasing a non-slip pet activity mat, you turn dinnertime into a game with many options to hide treats and food. It encourages your puppy to snuffle out each morsel, creating lots of fun. An excellent toy to encourage fussy feeders and to provide mental stimulation.

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