Your guide to helping your dog cope on their own - step 1

Are you worried about your dog suffering from separation anxiety? If your world opening up post-COVID means your dog will be left alone more, read our guide to helping them cope being 'home-alone'.

Zero to Home-Alone Hero – your guide to helping your dog cope being on their own

Part one

For lockdown puppies or even dogs who have had over a year of their families being at home, life returning to normal as lockdown hopefully comes to an end could come as an unwelcome shock. Unless dogs have learned that being on their own isn’t anything to worry about, finding themselves home alone for the first time in their lives is likely to be hugely stressful for them.

Hopefully, you will have been preparing your dog for your return to work, but if not, and you suddenly find that you have just a few weeks to get your dog used to you not being there all the time, what can you do? In part one of our guide to helping your dog cope with more alone time, leading Trainer and Behaviourist, Carolyn Menteith, explains how to assess if your dog is ready for some alone time and how to get started.

You can find details of a reputable behaviourist by following either of these links:

Once you have put your new routine in place and kept that going, if all is going well, you'll be ready for step two - launching next! Watch this space...


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