Why breeders choose Kennel Club Pet Insurance

Protection for every step of the journey

We have designed a range of services to ensure all Kennel Club registered puppies are protected through every stage of their lives. Protection for mum, protection for her litter and protection for life – we’re with you every step of the way.

Protection for every step of the journey...

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Protection for mum

Add the optional breeding risks cover to mum’s policy to protect both her and her litter throughout pregnancy and whilst the puppies are in your care
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Protection for the puppy

Issue our 5 Weeks Free cover to ensure each puppy is covered for the vital first few weeks in its new home
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Protection for life

The new owners can convert their free cover into one of our lifetime policies, providing protection for life. Provided there is no break in this cover, conditions diagnosed will continue to be covered, without exclusion, from puppyhood right through to old age.

Our Breeder Rewards Scheme

As a valued Kennel Club member of the Agria Breeder Club, you have the chance to earn cash rewards.

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Our 5 Weeks Free Insurance

Learn more about our 5 Weeks Free insurance which you can set up for every puppy when it leaves for its new home.

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Add breeding risks cover to your policy

If you are thinking of breeding from your dog, you can add breeding risks to protect both mum and her litter throughout pregnancy and birth.

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