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Lifetime Dog Insurance Cover

Protection for life with Kennel Club Pet Insurance

Lifetime Dog Insurance Cover

Up to £25,000 towards vet bills every year

Add extras, such as breeding risks cover

Free vet video calls, 24/7

Peace of mind and protection for life with Kennel Club Pet Insurance

We're here to help make life easier for you by protecting your pet with lifetime cover dog insurance. So if your dog needs treatment, you can concentrate on getting them back to full health and let us take care of the rest.

Border Collie by Rachel Oates - Kennel Club Insurance

We provide lifetime cover for dogs and puppies in the UK

Up to £25,000 vet's fees cover for injuries and ongoing illnesses. In addition, we’ll cover you and your dog for third-party liability.

We only offer lifetime cover at Kennel Club Pet Insurance so that we will cover ongoing illnesses for the rest of your dog’s life.

Our policy is flexible so you can add extras, such as breeding risks cover, or overseas travel cover, to your policy.

Plus, if you have other pets at home, we offer a multipet insurance discount so you can cover the whole family.

Giving your dog the best care

Up to £25,000 towards vet bills every year

So your dog can get the care they need.

We pay 98%
 of claims*

And we can pay your vet directly, so you can focus on your dog.

No increase in your premiums when you claim

So you don’t have to
 worry about the cost of insurance when you go 
to the vet.

Free vet video 
calls, 24/7

Which means help 
is always on hand if
 you’re worried.

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Dotty about dogs? Get a 5% discount when you insure more than one pet with us.

*Based on all Agria Pet Insurance claims received between May 2023 and October 2023

What’s covered

  • Vet fees

    Up to £25,000 each year towards veterinary fees each year. When you renew your policy the full benefit you have chosen is reinstated.

  • Third-party liability

    If your dog injures a third party and you are liable you will be covered for bodily injury and damage to property for up to £3 million.

  • Free vet video calls, 24/7

    Video advice app staffed by veterinary nurses if you have any concerns over your pet's health. Available 24/7, throughout the year.

  • Behavioural treatment

    If your dog needs to see a certified behavioural specialist for common problems like barking or chewing and you’re referred by your vet.

  • Lost or stolen pets

    Up to £1,500 of help towards finding your cat, including advertising and offering a reward.

  • Pet 24 Reunite Service

    Free access to the Pet24 recovery service – the fastest way to be reunited with your dog if it is lost or strays. This added extra is free for 12 months with your new pet insurance.

  • Advertising

    Up to £1,500 towards help finding your lost or stolen dog including the cost of advertising and offering a reward.

  • Travel expenses and accommodation

    If your vet refers your dog to another vet for treatment the policy will pay out up to £300 towards travel and accommodation expenses.


  • Dog’s annual health check

    We’ll send you a £25 voucher, each and every year, to help with the cost of veterinary health checks and vaccinations.

Dog with it's tongue out - Kennel Club Insurance
  • Common conditions

    As long as there were no symptoms or signs before the start of the policy, your policy will cover a wide range of common conditions, including:

    • Dental illness and injury (excluding routine check-ups, elective treatments, crowns and root canal procedures).
    • Diabetes.
    • Skin conditions.

Optional extras

Death or loss from theft or straying

We will refund your pet’s purchase price up to £2,500 if they are lost or stolen and not recovered within 45 days.

Boarding fees
and holiday cancellation costs

Up to £2,000 towards boarding or minding fees should you or a member of your immediate family have to go into hospital unexpectedly. Up to £3,000 towards holiday cancellation costs if your dog needs lifesaving treatment or surgery.

Breeding Risks Cover

Up to £1,000 towards fertility examination and associated treatment, complications from gestation and birth including caesarean section. Up to £2,500 towards death as a result of complications of pregnancy or birth, the purchase price. Up to £1,000 for vet’s fees, for puppies up to the time of sale or 14 weeks old whichever is sooner.

Overseas travel cover

The cover can be extended to cover your dog while temporarily abroad in a PETS travel scheme country. Cover includes: Emergency expenses up to £500 cover. Money towards a replacement pet passport up to £250 cover. Quarantine kennel costs up to £2000 cover. 3rd party cover up to £3,000,000 cover.

What's not covered

  • Cover for pre-existing conditions that started before your policy

    But conditions that start during your policy are covered
for as long as you have your policy. 

  • The cost of routine pet care, such as vaccinations and check-ups

    But, if you choose our most extensive cover, we’ll give you
 a £25 voucher every year to help with the cost.

For full policy information Read our plain English policy booklet

Trusted by dog owners

That’s why 96% of our customers would recommend us and 90% renew every year.

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