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Case Study: Bear the Cockapoo and the Beach Bug

Case Study: Bear the Cockapoo and the Beach Bug

When her beloved Cockapoo fell ill on holiday, Andrea knew he couldn’t wait until they got home to see a vet. Luckily, Bear was able to get help straight away: Andrea booked a video call with a vet on the Agria Pet Guide app and got the expert advice she needed to help Bear beat the bug.

04 October 2023

Andrea always knew she wanted a Cockapoo. For her, this beautiful breed was just right: not too big, not too small, with a sweet temperament and a super-soft coat. When she found Bear she knew he was the one – he was instantly adorable and looked just like a teddy (and that’s how he got his name). But, as she soon found out, that was where the similarity ended. Bear wasn’t the type to sit still and look cute; he was, she says, “completely mental”. 

As Bear grew up, he calmed down and matured into a friendly, loving companion. But he held on to his playful streak, and it got him into some serious trouble this summer when he and Andrea went on holiday to Cornwall. Andrea took Bear to the beach, where he could play with his equally excitable best friend, a Border Terrier called Mac. While Andrea and Mac’s owner did all the right things to keep the dogs cool and hydrated, Bear and Mac had other ideas. 

The dogs weren’t interested in the tent that had been put up for them, they were having too much fun digging in the sand and splashing in the sea. They didn’t drink the fresh water that had been poured for them either, choosing to slurp the seawater instead. It wasn’t long after they’d left the beach that Bear started to feel unwell. Mac could sense something wasn’t right with his friend and sat by his side to comfort him. Poor Bear started having diarrhoea and vomiting, which went on through the night and he became dehydrated and lethargic.

By the morning, Andrea was really worried and wondered what she was going to do. How was she going to find a vet, so far from home, and on a Sunday? Then she remembered the answer was right there in her hand – she’d downloaded the Agria Vet Guide app before the holiday, just in case. She knew they had 24/7 vet appointments, so she decided to give it a go.

Andrea opened up the app and straight away gave a detailed description of Bear’s symptoms – she was even able to upload a photo. All the information was sent straight to Federica the vet to review before the appointment. Andrea and Bear had a video call with Federica so she could see him for herself and make an assessment. Federica gave Andrea detailed, practical advice on how to look after Bear and said that if Andrea was still worried, she could call her back anytime. Andrea says she was “genuinely blown away by the service”.

Luckily, Andrea didn’t need to call Federica back – she followed the vet’s advice and within a couple of days Bear was back to his normal, bouncy self. Since then, Andrea’s told all her friends about the app, so that no matter what scrapes their pets get up to, they can get expert vet advice at any time and from anywhere.

As a Kennel Club Pet Insurance customer, you can speak to a vet completely free whenever you have a question or concern about your pet’s health. Simply download the Agria Vet Guide app for free 24/7 video calls; giving you expert advice to help keep your dog happy and healthy.

Download Agria Vet Guide from the App Store.

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