Lifetime dog insurance cover

If your dog develops an ongoing condition, we will be here to ensure your dog has protection for life.

Peace of mind about vet's bills with lifetime Cover

We're here to help make life easier for you by protecting your pet with lifetime cover dog insurance . So if your dog needs treatment, you can concentrate on getting them back to full health and let us take care of the rest.

Why you should insure your dog

Find out why pet insurance is so important and how a Kennel Club lifetime policy could protect you and your dog.

Policy Information

Up to £15,000 vet's fees cover for injuries and ongoing illnesses. In addition, we’ll cover you and your dog for third party liability.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is the amount that you must pay towards each claim that you make. The excess is specified in your schedule of insurance and in addition to a fixed excess a percentage excess may also apply. When your pet’s treatment falls into two or more periods of insurance, you must pay the fixed excess for each period of insurance and also for each separate illness or injury. The excess will be deducted from the claim settlement. For full information on the excesses please refer to the Policy Terms and Conditions booklet.

We will cover some working dogs such as hunting dogs. However, dogs used for security or racing will not be covered.

No, we don’t provide cover for the cost of routine pet care. However, if you choose our higher level policy we will give you a £25 voucher towards your annual health check or vaccination, each and every year.

No, we do not require your dog to be microchipped to use our insurance. However, certain sections of the policy such as loss due to theft or straying will be invalidated if the dog is not microchipped.

We will provide cover for the cost of treating skin conditions, so long as there were no symptoms or clinical signs prior to the start of the policy. All claims are assessed in line with the policy terms so please refer to the policy booklet for more detail.