Your puppy’s year one milestones!

Just a few months ago, your puppy was a tiny bundle that had only just opened their eyes. What a year it has been!

Reaching the end of your first year together with your puppy is such a milestone! So, what a great time to reflect and remember all they have achieved and all you have done together! And this is only the beginning!

How many of the things on our puppy milestone list has your little one done so far?

  1.       Become house-trained
  2.       Chosen a favourite toy
  3.       Walked on a beach
  4.       Walked in the woods
  5.       Stayed overnight away from home
  6.       Made friends with another species – a cat, rabbit, horse…?
  7.       Been to a dog groomer
  8.       Been to a pub
  9.       Learnt how to catch a ball
  10.       Dug a hole
  11.       Found hidden treats using their nose
  12.       Attended a puppy party
  13.       Taken part in puppy training classes
  14.       Been on a train
  15.       Learnt to walk on a lead
  16.       Tried basic agility (without jumping – they are still too little for that!)
  17.       Walked in a town
  18.       Learnt a trick
  19.       Been to work with you
  20.       Played hide and seek with you or some treats or toys
  21.       Had a swim
  22.       Made a dog best friend
  23.       Played in the snow
  24.       Been on a picnic with you
  25.       Learnt how to fetch
  26.       Been to a dog show
  27.       Got really muddy

One of the best things about having a dog in your life is making the most of the time you have together to make more and more memories! Now that you’re really getting to know your dog, why not make a list of all the of things you'll both enjoy to aim for over the coming year?

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