Which puppy food is best?

Deciding what to feed your puppy is an important choice, and it’s worth spending some time researching all the options before you make your decision! With such a vast array of puppy food available, what should you consider?

How to choose puppy food

Puppies need to be fed on puppy food rather than adult dog food, as puppy food is specially formulated to provide the correct amount of nutrients that your puppy needs during this rapid phase of growth and development. By feeding your puppy high-quality puppy food, you can feel reassured that your puppy is receiving all it needs for optimum health, immunity, and overall development. 

You may choose to feed your puppy wet, dry, or raw food, or perhaps a combination of these. Whichever option you choose, always check the ingredients. Many foods are not as high quality as the packaging and advertising might imply. Your puppy may be eating puppy food for a year or even longer, so it’s essential to choose well.

Tips to help you choose

  • Percentage of meat. A good quality puppy food will have high-quality meat listed as its main ingredient
  • Ingredients. The ingredients in your puppy’s food should all be recognisable and natural, rather than containing a lot of highly processed fillers
  • Would your puppy choose this food? Think about what your dog would naturally choose to eat and let that help guide your choices
  • The pet food company. Does both the packaging and the website have helpful information? It’s reassuring to know that there is a professional helpline for advice if you have any queries
  • Cost and practicality. Think about the amount you can spend, where you will purchase the food, and how you will store it

What to avoid

As mentioned above, try to choose a more natural food rather than a highly processed puppy food. Ingredients such as meat derivatives and animal by-products should be treated with caution, as you can’t tell what animal source these are from.

Although dogs can eat a mix of food from both animal and plant sources, a puppy will do best on a mainly meat-based diet, which is why checking the ingredients on the packaging is so important. 

Any food containing artificial sugars, preservatives, or colours is best avoided, as these additives can impact your puppy’s ability to concentrate and rest well and even cause hyperactivity.

Our friends at Natures Menu have a wide range of food suitable to feed from weaning, until puppies reach an age when they can be transitioned over to adult food. What you choose to feed is your choice and you should research all avenues including practicalities of feeding, cost and availability before making a decision.

Thank you to Natures Menu for contributing to this article. To find out more about their puppy and dog food, click here.

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