5 reasons your dog loves going for a walk!

For many dogs, getting out for their walk is the very best thing to do - and there so many great benefits to your dog from walking as well as helping them to stay fit and healthy!

Understandng what your dog loves helps you make sure they have the best time when they're out, as Carolyn Menteith, leading Behaviourist and Trainer, explains: 

"A walk is a wonderful break in the day for your dog, mentally, physically and emotionally. It’s important to know your dog and give them the right kind of exercise, doing what they enjoy. For some dogs, this can be short off-lead sprints, for others long physical exertion is better, and for some, well, they just want to play with their ball while they’re out and about!

"The best thing about walking your dog is that this is the time you can 100% focus on being together – no distractions, no phones or work – just the two of you." 

When we're caught up in busy days, it can be easy to forget just how much your dog needs their walks. And also that when you got your dog, walking with them was probably one of the things you were looking forward to the most! Walking is so important for our own mental health - it's really a win-win situation.

Some of the great benefits your dog can enjoy on a walk include:

1. Physical exercise - Great for their health and also to release happy hormones, just like for people!

2. Sniffing - Interesting smells give your dog serious amounts of mental stimulation, especially somewhere brand new

3. Training and playing - More mental stimulation and more happy hormones!

4. Socialising - Lots of dogs just love meeting up with old and new dog friends on their walks! Imagine if you never saw another person? That's why some doggy social time is so important!

5. Bonding - Quality time together with you can be great for your relationship



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